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ArtPole agency

ArtPole Agency is an independent cultural institution that appeared officially in 2007 in Kyiv. Its main purpose is to create and to produce non-commercial innovative art projects — Ukrainian and international ones. ArtPole Agency is a founder of the first Ukrainian open-air festival Sheshory. Later it transformed into the festival Sounds/ Actions in Space. It combined authentic and world-music, landart, open-air theatre, and performance. During 12 years, the festival was held in different locations — Western, Eastern, Central, and South Ukraine.


Nowadays, ArtPole focuses on the author’s experimental projects, mainly interdisciplinary — agency cooperates with the artists from different spheres — music, literature, visual art. Depending on the type of dominating discipline there are such project forms as exhibitions, workshops, actions, performances, spectacles and interdisciplinary projects. The rozdiLOVi is among the last ones. It exists in the real and the virtual versions, and now it is also developing as the multi-language project.


ArtPole Agency — Olia Mykhailiuk (director), Myroslava Ganyushkina (executive director), Tetiana Manziuk (media coordinator).