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JULY, 8-12


July, 08-12 — Unizh, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast


ARTPOLE.IF — it is art-objects and performances, program for children, documentary/videopoetry and interactive lections/discussions in open spaces, 11/07 — a new project by Andrukhovych/Karbido, 12/07 — music night with participants from Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Belarus etc.


Borders are lines. Lines delineate space. Lines connect points in space. Points and lines form ornaments. Geometry borders on art. Your motion in space, your way, your line imprint your footprints. Borders and ornaments is ArtPole’s theme this year.


Features. Prints. Effects. Reflections in time and space. Identify signs and symbols which are important to us, invent new ones, feel the rhythm and repetition to create the actual pattern, find a new form using a variety of individual knowledge and common last year experience. A lot of unique projects are created specifically for international laboratory ArtPole. International creative laboratory ArtPole includes communication and total involvement of all the participants into various creative processes.


The project is supported by Polish institute in Kyiv, CULTURE.PL,International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA, International videopoetry contest CYCLOP, Center for Regional Development Top-Kaya, concert agency Perekrestok, art agency Nash Format and artistic association Dzyga.
International partners: Ukrainian Week, Halytskiy Correspondent and Knygarnya YE.
Special partners: Svitlytsia Muliarova (Ivano-Frankivsk) and Koza-Bar (Ternopil).


This year documentary is particularly relevant, because sometimes reality seems to be much more phenomenon than art — and not only in deepness of senses, but also in art expressions. That’s why ArtPole’2014 has as never intensive program. It includes the best films of this year International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA(9-10/07) and cinema of civil protest #BABYLON’13 (11/07) — documentalists who continue to record impartially events in our country, promise to come to Unizh and present their movies directly. Also in program — the most interesting works from international project F.I.V.E. feelings (10/07). To see, to hear, to feel smell, taste, touch — videoartists from different countries of the world try to visualize exactly these mere feelings. Videopoetry contest CYCLOP (8/07) works with feelings and video, and text, in particular, poetic one. Participation in ARTPOLE.IF, which topic is borders and ornaments, is commented by author and coordinator of this project Polina Horodysska: «Depending on our perception «border» may take various definitions. For example, border — like a mean of separation from the other, something strange, unknown. Or conversely, the boundary — like a line of touch, the condition of coexistence… The main attraction of videopoetry is precisely that it’s always at the crossroads (of genres, meanings, definitions) and always outside the scopes (geographical or political, linguistic and conditional). 12/07 — demonstration of new documentary "Free People" by Anna Yarovenko, film fragments from "Live fire" by Ostap Kostiuk and "Balsam" by Dinara Akhtemova, meetings with directors.


Events of the last year raised a number of worldview questions, and everybody looks for answers as a person, artist, citizen. Discussions on ARTPOLE.IF aim to help to share gained experience and try to compose the whole picture from positions of history, culturology and art. We plan discussions devoted to Donbas (July 9) and Crimea (July 10), which participants are artist, journalists, public figures who consciously stayed in of left these regions. Also on July 11 independent cultural and art initiatives from different cities of Ukraine will be presented.


Myroslav Vayda / Zhanna Kadyrova / Vitaly Kokhan / Anatoly Belov / Yarema Stetsyk / Mykola Dzhychka and Serhiy Grygoryan


**workshops are daily — detailed schedule will be announced already on the location


Children's program in tipi

Under the protection of real Indian tipi on Big Meadow workshops for kids of different ages will be held.
new life for old clothes
Each wardrobe has favorite knitted things, which are pity to throw away, but can not be worn any more. It’s a «material» for workshops which will be used for weaving cup chocks and the whole carpets — depends on amount of clothes and fantasy.
For a start we will learn to weave flowers — everyone will choose colors, shapes and size to own taste. And the last day flowers, made during the whole workshop, will be combined into one joint panel.
circus entertainments
Lessons of pantomime, scene plastic and juggling. Classes develop motor skills, coordination and vestibular apparatus.


Acoustic workshop of the fairy tale «Big Ear»

Big Ear hears something what other people don’t hear... He hears how bad thoughts romp, not finding place to themselves, how joyful thoughts briskly dance… Big Ear also hears own thoughts, and them are easy like a blow of spring wind, and surprising, because he does not stop to wonder that there are so many different sounds… The studio will work on creating sound accompaniment to fairy tales of Dzvinka Matiyash, which are as much as the letters in our alphabet. The children (age 4-10 years) will catch, invent and produce sounds, and adults will narrate, record and process them. Using different familiar things — paper and foil, cups, plates, jugs and pots, cones and nuts, which can whirr-hiss-rattle — kids find sounds for «how bees build honeycombs, how wings of butterflies tremble in the air and legs of insects stomp, running on the water, how sparrows clean their beaks and how cat’s moustaches stir, when he sneaks to sparrows». Every day arsenal of sounds will increase, because each participant will find and add new sounds. Also walk with a record of Dnister waves and birdsong is planned.


«The road to personal sound»
The song is considered by singer Uliana Horbachevska, who leads workshop, as a bridge between past and future, ancestors and descendants... There is a kind of personal sound inside each of us — peculiar like a fingerprint. Discovering of it gives a huge impulse for creation, awaking lulled zones in the body and minting the spirit. Opening of this sound is very important. It causes a wish to join, to become a complicit. And only when original internal personal sounds are meeting, the song appears — common for all and individual at the same time. It’s a meeting of people at crossroads... Investigation of sound goes through Ukrainian traditional songs: ritual, solo, polyphonic.


Dance and improvisation
Oksana Mohylko’s lessons of dance improvisation will be visited by children and adults at the same time. Combining «adult» knowledge and skills of dance with frank emotionality of younger participants, we will create own space with place for humor and game. Dancing and playing, we will study to enjoy the movement, expand the boundaries of dance and image of ourselves. For research we need an interest to guide us beyond the capabilities, and the courage to learn new things — experience in dance does not matter. Class is open for everybody.



PAPRYKALABA — In the Hottest/Coldest Wind...
Paprykalaba is an ongoing project of border transgression. During the workshops and rehearsals, we will make instruments out of vegetables and work together to create our own renditions of songs by bands such as Perkalaba and other bands. The result is our own Artpole musical geometry, "vegometry". The workshops are open to anybody who finds joy in the collective process of people and agricultural sounds coming together in music.




As usual Mykhailo Pluzhnyk from Odesa will teach traditional techniques of working with clay and pottery machine. With his help participants will make different wares — from tea cups to authorial toys. Also there is one of the most impressive Crimean Tatar ceramists Rustem Skibin in this year program. His works, decorated with bright painting, based on Crimean Tatar embroidery, are famous far beyond Ukraine. Rustem will not only conduct practical classes, but also tell about the semantics of Crimean Tatar ornament, ceramics in mode and architecture of Crimean Tatars.


Producing of writing pads
Participants of the workshop will make notepads actually from the scratch, so will have the opportunity to make them unique in shape, size and design. Instruments and materials for work: scissors, paper, glue, cardboard, cloth. This year new technique of decoration will be mastered – relief ornaments from Unizh flowers and herbs.




This old method of the monochrome photographic printing was invented in 1842 by British scientist and astronomer ser John Herschel. Botanists were the first who started to use cyanotype — to get photograms of plants. So called «Berlin blue» — insoluble compound that occurs during the mixing of ingredients for the photo-emulsion — renders to images typical shades of gray-blue and deep blue. Cyanotype workshop continues to amaze – some vintage technologies will be combined to create an unforgettable photos and panels for ArtPole.


Night improvisation and noise laboratory
Immersion into the sound. Noise in all its revelations. Space and location like music instruments. Harmony there, where it mustn’t be. In general it’s three nights of music improvisation, which can be joined by everyone. Laboratory will be based on music environments Pincet (music label and promo group from Ternopil, which specialization includes noncommercial forms of electronic music, in particular organizing annual festival Hamselyt’!), Hatnyegrannya (basis of the project consists of Myroslav Trofymuk aka AЙKTRONER, Taras Shpot aka mistaBigstah, and Adrian Veremienko aka Tiriel) and Subproduct (the oldest experimental music project from Ternopil, which participants (every time others) use homemade synthesizers and instruments, not intended to extract sound).



That Black / Ukraine, Donetsk

Performance will last four hours during three days. It combines violin, electronic drums, spontaneous dance and Sufi whirling in certain sequence. "It’s my attempt of comprehension, acceptance and harmonization of Events, which are going on now in my country, my city. Everything is considered like phase of endless fluctuations between polar initial conditions, which crowd out and reproduce each other in the general flow of Entity. An attempt to combine everything, what is going on, in integrity, to give the opportunity to see, understand and find yourself between these opposite poles. To recognize life inside and outside like movement in space of mandala — an ancient symbol of Integrity", — That Black says.



проект ATLAS ESTREMO | at 20:00
Andrukhovych / Karbido / VJ group CUBE / Ukraine-Poland

This project is a journey, full of dangers and tension, virtual images and stereotypes, confrontation between expectations and reality, between sincere admiration and disappointment, after all — anguish. And hope, which arises under threaten of loosing freedom. Leaving post-rock esthetic or combination of poetry with electronic, like it was in previous projects, authors refer to the sonic expression of simple musical forms. Energy of single notes and performance «here and now» take the form of pure improvisation with jazz and punk character. Yuriy Andrukhovych supports this game, exuding from own prose words and sentences, like poetic collage. ATLAS ESTREMO — is an attempt to reach the limits of own fiction and experiences, where everyday schemes and habits die, and NEW appears…


12/07 music | at 20:00
Hutsuls / Carpathians
Common project of chapels Hutsuls and Baj, united by desire to preserve ancient musical forms and continue «old style» of playing authentic Hutsul music. Program of the band includes melodies from valleys, archaic dances, wedding song canon. Traditional toolkit is used — violin, dulcimer, jew's harps, tambourine, trembita, tylynka, floyara, duda.


Taraf / Crimea
Ethno jazz Crimean Tatars’ collective from Simferopol. Their repertoire consists of melodies from steppe and coastal Crimea, Romanian, Bulgarian, Crimean Tatar, Azeri motifs.


The project is devoted to music of South and Eastern Europe. Its participants are Maria Natanson (violin, vocal) — according to press reviews, the brightest voice of Polish world-music-scene, Piotr Maychyna (bouzouki, lute, guitar) and Robert Bzhozovskiy (bass). As they say, their music absorbed solar sounds from above Aegean Sea, melancholy notes of Bucharest suburbs, hot songs of Thessaloniki harbor areas and fiery gypsy rhythms.


Mark Tokar is world-class jazz bassist, participant of numerous international projects, the first Ukrainian musician, who has played at the prestigious Chicago Jazz Festival. Within his trio — representatives of young generation of Ukrainian jazz musicians — saxophonist Michael Balog and drummer Igor Gnidin. “Music of our trio is a brave mix of Ukrainian tradition with modern improvisation, as well as ArtPole refers to authentic culture in modern forms, — Mark Tokar says. — That’s why our project completely fits into the overall concept”.


MAVIGIZ / Turkey
Musicians of Mavigiz are playing ancient Turkish instruments, beloved by the people, shrouded in legends and traditions, glorified in fairy tales. These are baglama, which accompanied itinerant poets from the old times, and flute with special design — kaval. They sound together with guitar, and therefore in band’s repertoire Turkish music tradition combines with modern motives: trio plays folk songs, which are several hundred years’ old, and new compositions.


DUODUO / Ukraine
Duo of Olena Yeremenko from famous Lviv band Burdon and Martin Nyaga. DuoDuo plays West European music — sometimes with baroque and sometimes with Scandinavian dye. Among the instruments — violin, cello, and also medieval instrument moraharpa, which now could be found perhaps in Sweden. On ArtPole also Lubko Mariash (percussion) will join the duo.


route and living conditions
Closest big cities are Ivano-Frankivsk (57 km) and Ternopil (100 km).
Unizh on Google maps
Ivano-Frankivsk transfers will depart from the railway station, ticket price on one direction is 30 UAH, contacts — (050) 434 2455 and (096) 648 5438, Volodymyr.
The cost of transfer from Ternopil — 75 UAH in one direction, 140 UAH in both sides (there and back), contact phone — 097 966 5234, Andriy.


Accommodation — in the camp, situated in apple-tree garden on Dnister bank. There are toilets, showers and drinking water on the territory. Please, pay your attention, that staying in the camp possible only in case of having special bracelet which is given instead of a ticket. You can also settle in places of local people. The own kitchen will work during ARTPOLE.IF, Koza-Bar from Ternopil will prepare "manor" coffee.