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September, 11


Yuri Andrukhovych + Karbido
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Absinthe is the last part of the joint trilogy by the Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych and the Polish band Karbido. The idea is to create an intermedia lyrical and musical program (the voice of the poet, texts, music) intensified and by visualization in different forms and manifestations on the basis of the novel “Perverzion”. Media performance Absinthe combines experimental and traditional music, ironic and deep lyrical texts and video of various genres, presenting a complete and organic product.

By the way, one of the part of the media performance — Without You 2 — was chosen for the program of this year’s festival of video poetry ZEBRA in Berlin.


Mass media about Absinthe
The Day weekly digest:The most importantly impression is that Absinthe is a complete show in two parts, in which visual and musical components dominate. And in fact Andrukhovych didn’t become a rock star and remained a poet, but the poetry turned into the art of gesture. Today this experiment reached its peak, having become a model of a synthetic genre at the crossing of literature, music and video art.
UNIAN: Absimthe is a very successful metonymic project, a concentrated extract of “Perversion” (may be absinthial?), complemented with music and light accompanied by and deeply thought-out video.
5th channel: A new form of reading poetry by Andrukhovych for three years implied video and music accompaniment. The third part of the performance Karbido rehearsed in Ukraine. Tomasz Sikora, musician of the band Karbido: “Near the Dniester River is so much hopped air, and this was reflected on us and our music. Everything was made so alive, even more characteristic of Ukraine than of our native Poland." As the authors promised, Absinthe was made mysterious and strong.