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"ARTPOLE: ENTERtheEAST" — six weeks filled with concerts, performances, exhibitions, lectures and new acquaintances. This cultural project will be implemented during October-November by ArtPole Agency together with Berdiansk Art Museum named Isaac Brodsky. Berdiansk, which is traditionally considered as a city-resort, now is close to the warfare — the city needs cultural contacts for reduction of a tension, understanding and determination.


The first part of the project was held in August and focused on the deeper investigation of traditional art of this region. The research will continue now as Azov region has incredible ethnic diversity: Bulgarians and Germans, Greeks and Gypsies, Karaites, Russians, Poles, Ukrainians... Nowadays the city enters the new historical moment — Berdiansk becomes an important center for displaced people again. It’s time to study and create our history together. Therefore organizers and artists, who were invited to ENTERtheEAST, hope that, besides the planned events, also new ideas will appear in Berdiansk.


October 6
project "Steppe"

"Steppe" by Lviv musicians Uliana Horbachevska and Volodymyr Bedzvin, a combination of canonical archaic songs, ancient and author’s texts with improvisational flow. «This music — our feeling of the landscape and hidden mystical sense of Wild Field. The steppe has always attracted, frightened, gifted, taken away, given birth... Archetypal image of a burnt tree on the edge of the horizon, which is blossoming against all the odds — how strongly this image touches the heart today, — explains Uliana Horbachevska, the author of the project idea. — It’s a meeting of eastern and western winds, it’s an edge of a land, an eternal confrontation between worlds, an eternal struggle of a warrior-protector. Cossack songs, girl’s incantations, bird’s twitter, widow’s laments, children's laughter…»


October 10
opening of the :::track:::

The project :::track::: combines Crimean Tatars’ and Ukrainian signs, symbols, ornaments, applying them into public spaces of our cities. The idea of the project belongs to Olya Mykhailiuk, ArtPole Agency and Rustem Skibin. Actually, the works of famous ceramist Rustem became the reference point of the project, and then Ukrainian and Polish artists joined :::track::: the mural on the wall of Berdiansk art museum was created by Kyiv artist Andriy Gurenko.
screening of the film "Traces of Crimea" (Vincent Moon, Paris) and discussion with the film consultant Olexandr Rybalko (Kyiv)


October 13
музично-поетичний діалог «Абрикоси Донбасу»

Lyubov Yakymchuk — text, voice, Mark Tokar — bass
Donbas is a world of apricots and slagheaps, a tender and tragic world. It’s a wide steppe, but also deep space: the inhabitants of miner's towns and villages are walking the streets, and under them miners with helmets are moving. Outside the sun is shining and apricots are ripening, and underground lanterns are shining and people are dying. Nowadays people are dying also above the ground, which is in the war. The audience is plunging into this world of Lyubov Yakymchuk’s poem "Apricots of Donbas" through the improvisational music of Mark Tokar, whose bass can speak by human’s language.
evening of exiting stories "The tour of futurists in Donbas"
Lyubov Yakymchuk and poets from Berdiansk


October 20
presentation of the virtual space of project "rozdIlovI"

poetry, music, video-art
strange thing which is not available for retelling, something like a tenderness, but not exactly, tenderness is nevertheless more touchable…
The participants of the project "rozdilovi" — Serhiy Zhadan (poetry), Olya Mykhailiuk (idea/visualization), Olexiy Vorsoba and Vlad Kreymer (music) — already for three years are looking for this «strange thing», every time creating new melodies and images. 21 poetic and music composition were fixed last autumn in Kharkiv. Olya Mykhailiuk and Mykola Karabinovych created associative video to each one. And in one of the journeys-researches ArtPole met the Laboratory of whims:) — the idea of site appeared, where now user can listen/read/watch and share, and also to learn rozdilovi plans which will unite different cities.


October 22
round table "Native-alien» on the south of Ukraine"

together with Berdiansk state pedagogical university


October 27
lecture "The Art Of Performance"

Myroslav Vayda (Kyiv)


October 30
exhibition opening "Interal Territories"

painting, installations, performances, music
Carlotta Brunetti, Olya Mykhailiuk, Myroslav Vayda, Vitaliy Kokhan, Olexiy Vorsoba
How to be open to the world and at the same time protect one‘s internal territory? How to avoid hurting your neighbor? How to define the boundaries that set you apart? It is so fragile (see synonyms: vulnerable, delicate, gentle, weak, and easily broken). What is the difference between delicate and easily broken, tradition and conservatism, expression and hysteria, harmony and compromise and, as a result, beauty and ugliness? The authors of works presented in the frameworks of exhibition, are trying to define the availability and limits of their internal territories. The research was started half a year ago in Munich — as a part of the project Shredding Maps. Now the artists continue their work — this time in Berdiansk which is situated very close to the area where maps are torn apart.


October 31

folklore-ethnographic ensemble Vaysal (Lozuvatka, Berdiansk region)
folk choir of Ukrainian song Verbychenka (Osypenko, Berdiansk region)
trio Mavigiz (Istanbul)
Hych-Orchestra (Lviv)


November 5
music performance "paMYATAty"

Mark Tokar (Lviv), Olexiy Vorsoba (Minsk), Oleh Bozhko (Alchevsk), Olya Mykhailiuk (Kyiv)
At the beginning of May 2014 all the participants of performance met during the international art laboratory ARTPOLE.LU near Alchevsk — in the ancient manor in the middle of a beautiful garden, when check-points already appeared around. «paMYATAty» combines music and texts, documentary stories from the East of Ukraine and poetry. Music compositions were created that time in Alchevsk and during the last days in Berdiansk — specially for this performance.


November 10
photo exhibition "Coastline"

Both photographers spent in Berdiansk at about a week — within the peculiar art residency. There were no any other frameworks — no topic, no format of the exhibition, no exact amount of the pictures. Both have seen coastline with inherent features of diversity, interpenetration and coexistence. "Coastline" of Vadym Ilkov is a series of black and white photo with concise captions. Serhiy Kravchenko, famous in Ukraine as one of the musicians of instrumental trio Port Mone, appears in a new role of photographer and author of texts.


— sea—music—poetry—performances—installations—photos—painting — and wind —


The Project "ARTPOLE: ENTERtheEAST" in 2015 is a part of Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).