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SEPTEMBER 17, 2016



idea/visualization: Olia MYKHAILIUK
text/voice: Serhiy ZHADAN
music: Aleksey VORSOBA / Vlad KREYMER
virtual dimension of the project: Dmytro LEADER, Yurii BOHDANOV, Yurii TANSKIY, Alia KARSHYNA, Hryhorii Shehet / Laboratory of Whim is a virtual dimension of “rozdiLOVi” project that combines poetry, music, and video. “rozdiLOVi” exist already a few years, and every time are performed for the audience in a renewed form. The web-site allows exploring numerous metamorphoses of the project. Following the work, it is supplemented by new texts, sounds and images. Here you can listen and watch the records of different seasons, play with the words, compose poetries into stories – every time in a different way, create the postcards from the fragments of poetries and paintings, share them with friends, and become an accomplice of “rozdiLOVi”. During the Forum we will represent the first results of work with German and English versions of “rozdiLOVi”.



“At the beginning of work with the web-site we were thinking about the users from other countries, — head of the developers’ team Dmytro Leader says. — It is very difficult to translate poetry, and not to lose the main features – rhythm, intonations, and pauses. Thus we are looking for the new ways of work with text, using voice, music, and graphics, which together help to overcome language boundaries”.



The virtual dimension of “rozdiLOVi” will be presented by Dmytro Leader, Olya Mykhailiuk, and Serhiy Zhadan.


Litcentr: "More poetry. Dance". Poetry and Translation