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JANUARY 22-29 2017


January 22, 18:30 — Lutsk, the Palace of Culture, (Bohdana Khmelnytskogo str. 1), tickets on
January 23, 19:00— Kyiv, the Molody Teatre (Prorizna str.17), tickets on,,
January 25, 19:00 — Kharkiv, ART AREA 'DK' (Chernyshevska str. 13), tickets on
January 26, 19:00 — Zaporizhzhia, Orbita (Lermontova str. 9), tickets on,
January 27, 19:00 — Mariupol, Platforma TU (Mytropolytska str. 19), entrance free
January 29, 19:00 — Khmelnytskyi, Academic Regional Puppet Theatre (Proskurivska str. 46), tickets on



“Albert” is an ingenious swindler. Once being imprisoned because of his frauds and tricks, he realizes that he has nothing except his soul. Then he decides to give it to the devil to avoid death punishment. However, the agreement signed by blood does not work.


The performance combines a text read and lived through by the author, with illustrations — not only graphic but also music ones — from authentic pieces to free jazz. The writer Yuriy Andrukhovych, musicians Uliana Horbachevska/Mark Tokar, and visual artists Anatoliy Bielov/vj-group CUBE constantly interact live, and everyone recognizes the partner’s right to an unexpected solo. The project has no fixed form. The director Olia Mykhailiuk ensures that we will see a new version in January: “There will be more of dark humor. And more light. There will be new illustrations. Thus, our black-and-white will have more shades. There are ideas of new poetry and music solutions. “Albert” brought together such different, incredibly talented and independent in their creativity individuals that you can be sure — you will not be bored”.


The premieres took place at major Ukrainian festivals — ArtPole, Meridian Czernowitz, and GogolFest. The first tour of “Albert” coincided with the period when the events of the Maidan started. On February 21, 2014, “Albert” was the only performance in Kyiv which was not canceled. That evening all the tickets were sold out. In May 2014, “Albert” was played open air in Lviv — the city where, according to Yuriy Andrukhovych’s story, the main character was executed. There was no need in any decorations — old Lviv buildings and the Dominican Cathedral became a much more interesting frame for the work. In September 2015, the performance in the German language was premiered at the International MitOst Festival.


Yuriy Andrukhovych, the writer: The idea to combine this text with exactly these performers and precisely this visualization is something greater and more significant than just direction. It is a creation of special art synthesis discovering hidden possibilities of the text, about which even I, its author, had no idea.




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