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FEBRUARY 29 - MARCH 9 2016



idea/visualization: OLIA MYKHAILIUK
text/voice: SERHIY ZHADAN


February, 29 — Berdiansk, Isaak Brodskyi Art Museum

March, 1 — Mariupol, Palace of Pioneers

March, 3 — Kramatorsk, Vilna Hata

March, 4 — Sloviansk, Donbass State Pedagogical University

March, 5 — Bakhmut, cinema "Peremoga"

March, 6 — Severodonetsk , City Palace of Culture

March, 9 — Kyiv, cinema ATMASFERA 360


When somebody asks what is “rozdiLOVi”, it is very difficult to answer definitely, because this is not a poetical reading or a concert. In such case it is easier to bring a curious person with you.
(from a review)


In this work there are He, She and Nothing. Sometimes they consciously trace dividing (rozdilovi — Ukr.) marks, sometimes somebody makes it instead of them. They write and cross out, listen and draw, move to each other among nothing.


Project “rozdiLOVi” combines poetry, music, and video. These components are played live, and every time they create in a new way “a space between letters and lines, a drought that appears between the punctuation marks, forcing the text to turn to the light and go out of the darkness”. Every time, from the first performance in the Kazymyr Mscichowski's manor near Alchevsk (Luhansk Oblast) and till the shows on the biggest literature festivals in Ukraine, “rozdiLOVi” appear in a unique version being influenced by people and circumstances, place and time.


Dividing – marks – fill the text with intonations and feelings. Dividing – lines – guide and indicate borders and distance on the globe. Participants of the project also have to overcome distances – they are from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Minsk.On the additional day of this year they will meet again and start traveling.



The project is financially supported by the United Nations Development Programme and The Government of Japan.
Information partners of the project
: Radio Svoboda and portal Teatre