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APRIL 26, 28 2016



April 26 — Odesa, Terminal 42 (Uspenska str. 44), beginning at 19:00, the tickets are available on
April 28 — Kyiv, art hall D12 (Desyatynna str. 12), beginning at 19:30, the tickets are available on,,, and


Yuriy Andrukhovych: This year we celebrate 11 years of our acquaintance and 10 years of our first album “Samogon”. These beautiful years were full of experiments, discussions and travels. The changes of idea, styles, tasks and formats. We recorded four albums, played dozens concerts and learned to be a single musical creature. During this time, our “Samogon” infused to the highest qualitative level V.V.S.O.P. — Very-Very Superior Old Pale. Our April concerts will become not only the conclusion but also the beginning of a new creative cycle.


The core of the program will be the updated versions of all the nine tracks from that first “Samogon”. It will be complemented by a peculiar the best — the compositions chosen from the further “Cinnamon”, “Absent” and “Atlas Estremo”. The first album “Samogon” combined Yuriy Andrukhovych’s poems from “The Songs for The Dead Rooster” with jazz-rock Karbido. The album “Cinnamon” based on the poetry from “The Exotic Birds and Plants” applied to the forgotten places and towns of Galychyna in the first half of last century, which are disappearing during the war. The concert version of “Cinnamon” found a special visual decoration (ArtPole, VJ group Cube, Elzhbeta Birylo) which made an additional dimension to the music and the poetry. The last part of a trilogy — “Absent” — multimedia performance on the junction of poetry, prose and cinema. And unexpectedly edited in 2015 “Atlas Estremo”, although inspired by the events in Ukraine, is beyond the direct literality. The poetically prepared prose from “The Lexicon of the Intimate Cities” and the vanguard-punk-jazz escapades — an author trip around the world of memories and disappointments.


Tomash Sikora, Karbido: The decade of our collaboration is something special for us. We were not thinking about the concerts when recorded our first album. When we played two first gigs in Poland, we couldn’t imagine that the concert in Ukraine would be. After the first Ukrainian performance we had no idea that we would be here so often, with the tours, and that we would publish the next albums. But… We didn’t calculate and didn’t ponder — we just went into the river and swam with its flow. I hope that after this ten years we really became much better, but even if no we always can to change the letters from V.S.O.P. to V.S.O.B. — Very Special Old Boys:) And the decade couldn’t be celebrated in any other place — only in Ukraine. Because without Ukraine it would not be neither these ten years, nor any album or any concert, nor any of our common music and sound...


Regarding the decennary, only three concerts will be — except of Polish Wroclaw only KYIV and ODESA will see the project.


The project is organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.
Information partners: Radio Svoboda, Channel 5 and Cultprostir.