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MAY 17 2017

Endless journey, or Aeneid

Multimedia collage based on Ivan-Yuri Andrukhovych-Kotliarevskiy with the elements of lecture, concert and banquet. Directig: Olia Mykhailiuk (ArtPole Agency).The premier was at the opening of the International Arsenal Book Festival-2017. Yuri Andrukhovych reads a lecture, pieces from “Aeneid” and his own poetries. Mark Tokar and Viktor Novozhylov accompany the “endless journey” with music combinations of different styles and epochs. VJ-group CUBE provides visualization – with photos of Poltava nowadays, illustrations to “Aeneid” by Anatolii Bazylevych made in the 60s, Dido and Aeneas images from medieval and Renaissance painting. The project is work in progress. The director plans to involve new themes and reflections of “Aeneid” in contemporary Ukrainian reality.



Yuri Andrukhovych: Our Aeneid is a synthesis and a combination of words, their meanings, and soundings, visual and music images, “low and high styles,” baroque with electronic, classicism with minimalism, Bach with Tokar. How all these elements will combine — we don’t know. That’s why, as always with pleasure, I’m preparing for something that you actually can't be prepared to. However, you can re-read Kotliarevskiy, re-listen to a favorite Dido’s aria, and re-write own poetry lines for alternative forms of their introduction. I invite the audience to interact and make good cheer.


Mark Tokar: We combine improvisational music, minimalism, a sharp bit electronics using acoustic instruments recorded beforehand, and baroque. Music of Bach will be played on a classic guitar. Different epochs of texts as well as music. In times of postmodernism, such genre is welcome. For me, this project is a big challenge because I perform in some new hypostasis and genres. But I was always interested and attracted by them.


Viktor Novozhylov: To take elements of acoustic and electronic, classical and new, finally, music and “no-music” material, to mix everything, to add spices in random order… voila! N.B. the dish will have an unpredictable aftertaste.