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FEBRUARY 21 - MARCH 1 2017

rozdILovI: SHCHASTIA (happiness) will not pass you by



idea/visualisation: OLIA MYKHAILIUK
text/voice: SERHIY ZHADAN


February 21 — Shchastia
February 22 — Stanytsia Luhanska
February 22 — Starobilsk
February 24 — Kharkiv
February 25 — Kyiv
February 27 — Ivano-Frankivsk
February 28 — Ternopil
March 1 — Lviv


This journey is also a promo-tour for the first album "rozdiLOVi: Shchastia will not pass you by." Serhiy Zhadan: Of course, "rozdiLOVi" is a live project created every time in a new way and thus becomes unique. However, it has been existing for a long time already and has its established outlines, in particular, the music ones. This self-contained material includes everything that is needed for real music – wrench, bitterness, acuteness, and hope. Now everyone can be sure in it by just turning the record on.


"rozdILovI" is a multimedia exploration of love — as a word, sound, and image. The audience is expected to perceive it using all their senses. Dividing marks fill the text with the intonation and feelings. Dividing lines indicate the borders and distances on the globe. Dot. Appears from NOTHING to become an eternity. NOTHING is the main word of the project. However, does it remain to be nothing after having turned into six letters on paper? What can you hold on to in the emptiness (just these letters, maybe)? What is more important — the word or the surface it is written on? Its intonation or the addressee? The project also studies the words "tenderness", "war", "night", and "love".


An important step of "rozdiLOVi" were rehearsals in the Kazimierz Mscichowski’s manor – an ancient villa not far from Alchevsk. Some music compositions were written there, in particular, Waltz Alchevsk. Since that time, "rozdiLOVi" were presented on the main literature festivals in Lviv and Chernivtsi, and also repeatedly in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. In spring of 2016, the project visited cities in Eastern Ukraine near the combat zone. New musical compositions were born before the сlosing performance in the Kyiv Planetarium.


Between the performances, the project continues to exist in a virtual space that is also filled with metamorphosis, allows playing with the words, combining poetries every time into new stories, creating postcards from the fragments of poetries and pictures, and send them to friends.



The project is a part of Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) funded by the US Agency for International Development USAID).


Partner of project: Serhiy Zhadan Charitable Foundation


Information partners: and Donbas.Realii - Radio Svoboda.