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AUGUST 13, 2016


ODESA, Green Theatre (Taras Shevchenko park) within МERIDIAN ODESA


idea/visualization: OLIA MYKHAILIUK
text/voice: SERHIY ZHADAN


Dividing marks fill the text, signaling intonation and feelings. Dividing lines indicate the borders and distance on the globe. A period appears from NOTHING to become an eternity.


"Nothing" is the main word of the project. How can you trace nothingness? What can you hold on to in the emptiness (just the letters, maybe)? What does the emptiness feel to the touch? What is more important — the word or the surface it is written on? its intonation or the addressee? The project also studies the words "tenderness", "war", "night", and "love".


"rozdiLOVi" is a multimedia exploration of love — as a word, sound, and image. The audience is expected to perceive it using all their senses. People, circumstances, places, and time always influence "rozdiLOVi" — and its performance is unique every time. Since its premiere, the project has evolved, but its basic components are still poetry, music, and drawing.


In Odesa, "rozdiLOVi" was presented just once, in November, 2014. A screen was sewed specially for the event the night before it. During

the last tour in the spring of 2016, in Mariupol, the video was screened on that same surrealistic gauze — as if the artists were sending letters from one coast to another. Around that time in March, three new compositions were born, which will be premiered in Odesa.