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JANUARY 30 2016



in colaboration with IVAN HONCHAR MUSEUM


A track. This image appeared both in the project of ArtPole Agency and in the film of Vincent Moon at the same time. Maybe, it is because Ukrainian artists and a French filmmaker are telling us about Crimea, and thus about the existence of uneasy and always personal tracks that are able to lead you out of the darkness. Through the music, the decorative pattern, the tradition and the trust.


:::track::: is an initiative of ArtPole Agency intended to maintain a constant connection with Crimea. When the discussions came to a deadlock, the artists found an exit (or rather a track) — to take the paints and to create visual reminders about the peninsula in public spaces in different cities.


The Crimean Tatar decorative patterns by a famous ceramist Rustem Skibin became the starting point of the project. On this basis, Olia Mykhailiuk developed an artistic conception that provides involvement of different authors and an individual design for each of the selected cities. The project started in summer in Kyiv, when the idea of :::track::: was supported on BiggggIdea(crowdfunding platform). A Polish street artist Artur Wabik worked with the decorative patterns.


The idea of :::track::: in Vinnytsia arose from Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi’s stories written here one hundred years ago. Questions the author is thinking about — land, traditions, interaction with people of other faith — remain to be important and acquire new senses nowadays. Olia’s idea inspired Rustem, an artist Yulia Hushul, and the Topical Creativity Laboratory for a common work.


Also, :::track::: appeared in the Sea of Azov Region — the mural was made by an artist Andrii Hurenko from Kyiv. In spring, ArtPole plans to continue :::track::: — to finish the painting in Vinnytsia and to go to other cities. The nearest targets are Chernivtsi, Lviv, and Warsaw, and further ones are Munich, Paris, Barcelona, and Lisbon...


In order to come across the world, to tell others about Crimea, and to return to our peninsula.


“Traces of Crimea” — a film of an independent French filmmaker Vincent Moon famous for his documentary music video. In 2006, he was proposed to work with French musicians, thus Take Away Show appeared — music videos made in one double, in alive and very fast filming process. He worked with unknown indi-musicians, as well as with the world stars. From that time Moon uses a form of “partisan” style — an improvisational shooting in unusual environment. From 2008, Vincent Moon has been living on a road: experimenting with the field records, he works independently and makes his projects without the involvement of money revising the laws of the film industry. In 2011, Vincent started a new series — Petites Planètes (“Small Planets”) — a collection of short music films, made all over the world: in Argentina, Chile, Cambodia, Egypt, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, Brazil, and others.


The filmmaker also was in Ukraine, where he shot a few video with DakhaBrakha, musicians from Odesa, and a whole series about Crimea. Stories from the peninsula formed a full-length film — about a traditional music of Crimean peoples, a musical portrait of an amazing land where there is a place for songs and melodies of Crimean Tatars, Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Krymchaks, Chingene (Roma) and others. This film is about the music of peoples who were deported from Crimea during the World War II and came back to their motherland in late 20th century. Now it acquires a new meaning.